Monday, February 9, 2009

black mamba kicks

when i get to work in the morning, i have my daily routine of what websites i check out before i actually start working (pending 830am meetings, which never make sense to me). gmail, vcu stuff, cnn, mikerizzy, monpetitchaton, vbtodc, marinel's, pretty ricky (whose blog has thank goodness resurrected!) and whatever else i want to tab browse. but what caught me today was on hypebeast. after seeing a crazy simpsons painting, i run into this animated movie about onitsuka tiger shoes. crazy concept on how the years of the chinese zodiac were chosen. check check it out.

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pr1ttyricky said...

hey dude, thanks for the comment. yeah, i'm getting back into the groove of things. nice blog for yourself! i didn't even know you had one. i'm gonna have to link it. awesome!