Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Mid Summer Classic

The MLB All Star Game has come and gone and has marked the halfway point of not only the baseball season but the summer season as well. Now baseball has things that make it unique from any other sport. Basketball has the slam dunk, Hockey has the uninterrupted fisticuffs, Football has the endzone celebrations/dance, and Baseball has the unique art of manager/coach/player vs umpire arguments. In every sport a player or coach can be ejected for misconduct, but only in baseball does the ejection become on art form. Managers and coaches who and enraged get their money's worth and give the umpires an ear full of sweet nothings before they go back to the locker room. And this unique phenomena is seen in almost every level of baseball from professional to amateur leagues. I have been interning for a baseball team this summer in a college summer league and the more memorable things I will remember are seeing the coach arguing and getting ejected by the umpire. There are stories of fathers being tossed in their sons little league game, so this gesture is apart of the game as fighting is in hockey. Here is a video of the most amazing and hilarious baseball ejection brought to you by Phillip Wellman a minor league manager of the Mississippi Braves. And enjoy the rest of your summer!

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