Friday, November 21, 2008


With all jokes aside on Family Matters, Full House, and Step-by-Step, I am very glad its the weekend. Even though I will have a shitload of work to do by Monday, at least it can be done in the comfort of my home and in pajamas.

I have been meaning to post lately (Please stay tuned for the first two CHARACTERS! In a comic strip spoof maybe?), but work and school do seem to suck the life out of you. And since it's also so close to Thanksgiving, getting ready for my family's annual trip to Jersey (Bloomfield in the hiizzzzouse!) to visit the other TuKay's is making all of us a little antsy.

But even in this gloom of the work week, there are certain things that can't help to make me laugh. NBC's Thursday lineup of the comedy heavy hitters, Boston's asswhooping of Detroit on TNT last night, and the below:

That Martin Lawrence. Talagang funny Pare.

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