Monday, January 5, 2009

Auld Lang Syne

Well, 2008 has come and gone (as well as vacation time - but hanging out with long lost friends in person as opposed to just AIM is great). Hello 2009. I hope we get to know each other intimately in this uncertain future.

Enough of all that, down to business.

During a mid week birthday celebration, J Zap kindly introduced me to her new blog which highlights events, local talent, and etc. from Va Beach to DC. Pretty ambitious and cool project.

I've been meaning to respond to Mar's 16 random facts about yourself but I think that may have to wait until I've finally finished answering all these e-mails and phone calls. Life post-vacation is already becoming nerve racking. But what I do appreciate most about this little answer survey is the ideas that can come out of it. And my 2009 is going to be about accomplishing these ideas, straight up - Thanks Mar!

A recent show I went to at the Norva for my friend Jojo's band Chek and the Family went well. Their syncopation is tight (especially the bass, drums and keyboard - and am I wrong in seeing that their keyboardist was reading sheet music off her macbook? shit was tight) and its pretty obvious that their musicality and chemistry with each other is dope. * Video to be posted soon.

And finally....

Please expect to see storyboards and an actual comic strip (fo real fo real) by late February. All that downtime sure did leave me motivated.


jpresa said...

ya, youre wrong about the sheet music thing. she js had it up there to look uber cool and change her sounds.

jpresa said...

i love your blog, tucay. and bring out that comic!!! its about due time now!