Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

To all of ReadyandSet's faithful followers:

We are sorry to report that our first goal of having a comic strip/storyboard by the end of February will not be happening until late March (hopefully). The ReadyandSet team has been diligently trying to piece together our ideaphile personalities (and remember to write or record some of these ideas when not in "questionable" states of mind) and finish our undergraduate careers at our respective universities. But anyways, to be proactive and motivate our lazy asses, here's a list of some things to expect in the coming weeks:

  1. First comic strip (WE PROMISE!) by end of March. with a bona-fide guest illustrator!
  2. A peek into how our group brainstorming process works! check out our iMeem player for updates!
  3. an actual logo for us? ideas are welcome!
So yeah - lofty goals eh? We don't think so - the lower our goals are, the more we won't be dissapointed later - we like to strive for mediorce-tion.

In the mean time, please enjoy an awesome clip from Flight of the Conchords - R&B style.


petit chaton said...

gimme a theme boss! i'm ready to brainstorm my face off.

petit chaton said...



making sense of rap lyrics. dmx included.

petit chaton said...

thats a good watch. get one for me too.