Monday, March 16, 2009

spring breakin boogaloo

i feel obligated to explain a recent lack of posts - this video of fan adoration at a washington wizards game should explain it all.

It was McGee! - Rizzy Ref

explanation given: it was spring break for the readyandset crew!*

as we ambitiously tried to work day in and day out to try and start to provide you some in-office/at work browsing entertainment, we got sidetracked by road trips to atlantic city and to dc for a wizards game. debauchery ensued in straight sets (and apparently we also were reading dictionaries to improve our vocab - bad pun)

we still are striving for more content to include but need you, YES YOU, our loyal followers to help us brainstorm scene specific stuff of what you would like to see! so we'd like to start with a very easy brainstorming game of word association. we're going to post a phrase and then you to look around and pick 3 objects close to you and put them in context with that word. sound confusing? well, here's the phrase and 3 examples from yours truly.

Phrase: Violence in the workplace

  1. Scissors - for fencing style combat a la Errol Flynn style
  2. A circle made of rolling office chairs - an arena for a battle royale
  3. Post IT note pads - instant ninja star death

So you get the idea right? So get to commenting and we'll get to facilitating your great ideas! if we do use your idea, we promise to list you in credits. pinky promise.

* btw, the player featured is also Javale McGee - a Wizards rookie who's supposed to be the next Channing Frye. which might not be a good thing to be Javale McGee


Rizzy said...

You failed to mention the part when McGhee entered the game and you yelled "Tits McGhee!!" And got a laugh from the Gold Digger chick in front of us who knew absolutely nothing about basketball. And we discovered your secret fetish for basketball players with "hot dog" fingers.

Tukes said...

well, i agree with the first two. that ballpark fantasy was all you.

petit chaton said...

1. Milano Cookies - for shoving in people's mouths and then pinching their nasal passages thus suffocation pepp farm style. & obesity killz.

2. USB stick - for sharpening up to use for shanking. Pref. in the eyeball.

3. Yankee candle - for discretely setting a cube aflame. Gotta sacrifice a few to save the masses.

too violent?