Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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Well finally launching this starship off the ground. Enough procrastination and actually trying to make this dream into reality. I want to start off by determining where we should start off. I was sitting in class last night and both of my classes had a common theme of "genre." Now I know that comedy is what we are aiming for, but sitting in class made me ponder about what specifically should we write about? Something that we've seen before like family sitcoms like Family Guy and Simpsons, or maybe a buddy cop thing like Lethal Weapon or Rush Hour? Or should we come up with something original like a sci-fi western or some type of mixing of genres? I was personally thinking of having a film noir type of show, which is completely the opposite of comedy, but satirizing or spoofing noir elements it could possibly work... maybe.

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Tukes said...

I agree that comedy would be the default focus. And you know my thoughts on the pair of Lee and Carter. But with sci-fi/western and even film noir, we could always have them be interests of the characters (i.e. how Peter Griffin loves Boba Fett from Star Wars). But then I'd feel like we're just biting from other cartoons with spoofs.

But with the genres you mentioned, one thing that popped up in my head was the music associated with these genres and to an extent, specific moments in those genres. Like those sad/sappy sounding horns when the private eye starts falling for the dame who hired him.

But i do like the genre exploration.

p.s. Doesn't this comment sound eloquent and if its from an intelligent person? Boo-yah!