Friday, October 24, 2008

where am I again?

A very interesting article on CNN on Friday featured some insights on forgetfulness. Some highlights that I liked:

  • There was Colliding-Planets Syndrome, which occurs when you fail to grasp, until too late, that you've scheduled a child's orthodontist appointment in the suburbs for the same hour as a business meeting in the city.

  • Quick-Who-Is-She Dysfunction surfaces when you are face-to-face with someone whose name stubbornly refuses to come to mind.

  • What-Am-I-Doing-Here Paranoia leaves you standing empty-handed in a doorway, trying to figure out what you've come for.

  • The Damn-It-They-Were-Just-in-My-Hand Affliction leads to panicky moments spent looking for your favorite new sunglasses, when all the while they're on top of your head.

  • And Wrong-Vessel Disorder results in placing the ice cream in the pantry rather than the freezer.
So, the idea I had was the absent-minded ward of a nursing home with these traits. Thoughts?

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Nathan EXPLOSION! said...

Absented nurse ward is clever, putting bed pans as dinner trays and vice versa. I also thought of a absent minded radio talk show host who forgets what the topics were while interviewing guests.